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2017-01-08 17:26:09 by ripvanwoebegone

Hey,I'm Rip,thanks for stopping by! Just got back on new grounds.I am so excited to see what new things you all have created! I am always inspired and utterly appauled lol! I like to make rock music that suits my personality.I try to stay away from a lot of mainstream stuff just because I think underground music has more to say and more colorful characters.Freaks,misfits,and kind hearted weirdos are my people! 

I have a bandcamp page where you can listen to my music.Vocally I get compared to Axl Rose, Alice Cooper, Danzig depending on the range of the song.Guitar wise I get compared to Eddie Van Halen.I will put a link at the bottom if you want to listen.

Well that's enough about me lol! Tttyl:)


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